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The CCSI Clusteron Cabinet

The CCSI Clusteron™ Cabinet has been designed to be the perfect cabinet for high performance clustering applications. Utilizing CCSI Hexa-Side™ cooling, the CCSI Clusteron™ cabinet actively participates in maintaining the optimum performance temperature of your Clusteron™ appliance. You won't find a more technologically advanced rack cabinet anywhere. The question we're most often asked is "does the cabinet really make that much difference?" and our answer is always yes. Inproper airflow within a rack cabinet can render chassis airflow useless. The CCSI Clusteron™ cabinet insures a constant supply of cool, fresh air to your rack mounted CCSI Clusteron™ units. Combine the Clusteron™ cabinet and the Clusteron™ 1U rack mounted cluster server and you have the most high performance, reliable cluster appliance on the market.

A unique automatic air damper system reroutes air flow when a node is removed, so that air flow does not short-circuit, but still flows through each node, providing adequate cooling, regardless of how many nodes are present in the cabinet. This is crucial in real-world conditions where a node may be removed for service, and without the Clusteron™ air dampers, the remaining nodes could overheat. and would otherwise disrupt air flow through.

Air filtration is optionally available for both the bottom and front door.

Built-in slide shelf chassis mounting system includes the automatic air dampers, and eliminates the cost and adjustment problems associated with slide rail mounting systems.

Built-in load center and power distribution provides circuit breaker protection, and access, right in the Clusteron™ cabinet, rather than a remote panelboard. A single power connection is all that is necessary.

Cable management provisions make it possible to route cables safely and neatly out of the way. Knock-outs on the Clusteron™ cabinet sides and back enable safe cable routing between cabinets.

Front door is perforated for air flow, and features a heavy duty lock

Holds up to 36 nodes in one 24" by 24" cabinet, or 82 nodes, in 2 cabinets mounted back to back. A Clusteron™ holding up to 36 nodes, (or 72 mounted back to back) will roll through a standard 6' 8" doorway.

Front access design allows Clusteron™ to be mounted against a wall, and combined with the shallow depth, it allows 2 Clusterons to be mounted back to back, to form a 24" by 48" unit.

Has heavy duty casters for easy relocation.

Has powder coat paint to resist nicks and scratches.

Is all heavy duty Steel, "dual hull" construction provides exceptional rigidity as well as forming air tunnels and providing cable routing.

Features CCSI's Hexa-Side™ flow through cooling technology. Air is drawn in from the bottom and front, and ducted through air tunnels to the front and left sides of each node. The air is exhausted from the right side and rear of each node, and ducted through air tunnels to the top of the Clusteron™.

Hot exhaust air can be ducted directly into the building return air plenum from the Clusteron™ ventilation system, removing all of the heat load from the server room


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